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    If you need a car loan this is the place, our team of SubPrime professionals can help you.

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    If you need a car loan this is the place, our team of SubPrime professionals can help you.

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    If you need a car loan this is the place, our team of SubPrime professionals can help you.

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Auto Loans FAQ

Is the CreditForAutos.com program for new cars or used cars?

We deal with Franchised Dealers only and they provide both new and used cars. Our financial experts will help you determine the best situation for you.

What are the interest rates for my auto loan?

Interest rates are determined by the actual lenders and are influenced by several factors, including the severity of credit problems, the amount of down payment, and the degree of credit risk. Your auto loan expert will explain these factors, and tell you exactly what your interest rate will be also the year and mileage of the vehicles play a big factor.

How long does the application process take?

You will be contacted very promptly by the local auto dealership handling your loan request. The approval process is usually within several minutes to a few hours also our programs sometimes give you the name of our agents at time of approvals so you can contact them as well.

Can I get an auto loan even if I have bad credit?

Of course! This is why you are Here! Our lenders will work with you every step of the way to help you get approved! Our lenders specialize in helping you get the auto loan you need.

Will it help if I have a co-signer on the loan?

If your co-signer has good credit status, it might help your situation each application requires its own care, please check with your assigned agent.

What kind of vehicles can I get through your service?

Our nationwide network of auto dealers provides for all types of vehicles, both new and used. Sport Utilities, Vans, Trucks, Passenger Cars, Luxury Cars and Sports Cars, The vehicle you want and need might depend on your own affordability.

If I buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle, how can I be sure it is reliable?

All of our Dealers offer Protection Plans and Extended Warranties that will cover your vehicle, please understand vehicles are machines that wear with time and driving conditions , All of our dealers mean well but we have not invented crystal balls yet. So having any vehicle checked out by your own mechanic is always a good idea.

What if I agree to Pay your Fee of $119.00 get a vehicle from your referral Agent and then not Pay For Your Service.

Our Agency offers a great service that saves time, money and at times embarrassment moments, Our Service caters to credit situations and it helps our customers get back on track. With that said our business also has expenses, We are not a collection so what we do after 30 days from delivery of your vehicle we submit it to a collection agency that goes after our fee and their attorney fees as well,Their Fees vary but they are at a minimum of $250.00 per case.